Who knew we’d come to this?

Holy cow! I am by no means a political junkie. I think I’m fairly informed on what’s going on. I’m aware of all the same-ole, same-ole  bullcrap that goes on within both parties, but, boy….this election??!?! Can it get any crazier? Can there be any more dirt, corruption and skeeviness (sp?) waiting for us?  Are there any more nasty little surprises hiding in the wings, waiting to spring forward just as we settle into thinking that we’ve reached the end of the curve-balls that have been hurled our way? I’m not sure we’re there yet.

I’m watching the Democratic Convention, and it’s been like watching an episode of “Scandal“! It’s thrilling, there are all the elements of a captivating tv show! I’m utterly taken by the passion the Bernie Sander’s supporters are demonstrating.  As I type there are rumours and speculation that his name may get written in, and that delegates may vote for him.  Can you imagine if that happened in spades? Holy cow! I listened to Sanders speak earlier today.  He hits every button I care about; economy, healthcare, climate, social disparity….He hits every button in a genuine way.  I love his independence from the Super Pacs, I love his energy and his fierceness.

Right now, Trump is tied or leading Clinton in the polls.  Through all this, my prediction? Trump wins. There is a degree of insanity this go-around, and I don’t believe that Clinton can change enough minds to swing the numbers her way.  I’ve been vacillating for weeks now, and after today, I am back to feeling like I truly need to stay true to my values and my beliefs.  I had been thinking that I *had* to vote for Clinton because of the potential for Trump to nominate and seat more than one Supreme Court Justice.  That still scares me, but I truly feel like this election is bigger than that.  This election is unprecedented in its exposure of how fed up we are as a nation of the status quo in Washington.  The Trumpadites want a return to when government favoured the middle-class white man, and the Berniacs, who I tend to align myself with, just want a groundswell of change within the system.

I want to vote my conscience, and my conscience, after the revelation of the DNC’s propensity to try to skew the numbers towards Clinton, tells me that I was on the right track at the beginning of this cycle.  I won’t vote for Clinton. I won’t vote for Trump.  I hope, right now, that sanity prevails and Sanders ends up on the ticket (I know, it’s foolish wishful thinking).  I’ll write him in.

#feelthebern #bernieforpresident #voteforbernie




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