Sheep and Dogs

Today will be another abbreviated post. Keeping my commitment to daily writing. I’m tired though, a little buzzed and in a bit of pain so it won’t be long. 

Went to Millersville today to meet a pal and her friend as they spent about an hour with their dogs training for an agility test next weekend. I’d never seen any live agility before. It’s really astounding how the dogs follow instruction so sharply. One of the dogs was totally motivated by food, while the other was kept interested in the excersise with his toy. 

On the way to the dogs, I drove by a field of sheep. They were all laying down, napping, but as soon as I stopped my car and came over, they all got up and thundered towards me. Funny creatures sheep are. I was very entertained for a few minutes, and managed to capture some fun pictures. 

That’s all. Good night.


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