Where’s the Empathy?

Today I witnessed a discussion between a group of young adults about the minimum wage. Most (all) of these young adults were white, middle class, suburbanites.

I was appalled by their complete lack of empathy for those struggling within our society.  The sense of “They should just work more” or “They should just get an education and do something different”.  As a middle aged, white woman from a very privileged background, I don’t understand how people can be so callous and un-caring.

That’s really all I have in me today.  I’m very sad.

Not to mention that Prince died this afternoon.  That was a blow.  This icon, this superstar who filled most of my teenage and adult life with the most fantastic music, whose songs have marked poignant moments in my time on this earth…is dead.

The doves are surely crying tonight.



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