It’s ugly out there

In reading back through a number of posts that I’ve made over the years, the one recurring theme is my desire to walk away from Facebook.  I can’t seem to be able to do it though.  Even as I type these words I feel a pull to open up a new tab and take a peek.  It’s nuts!

On days like today, and over the past few weeks, I keep getting reminded continually about how ugly it is on there.  Another mass shooting yesterday.  This time in California.  15 people dead.  Two shooters, Muslims it seems.  No one is really saying the word “terrorist” but it’s being implied.  The Right is busy praying and denouncing Obama’s lack of action in Syria and the Left is hollering about gun control.

Through it all, my mother continues to yell in ALL CAPS and insult my friends.

It’s ugly out there.

I know that to find the peace that I’m looking for, I need to step away from Facebook.

Can I do this? Can I give it another try?

Yes, I can give it another try.

But, instead of giving myself an absolute which I know I won’t be able to keep, just by virtue of the fact that I need to be on Facebook for work, I’m going to ask myself to limit my time on my personal page to less than 30 minutes per day.

I have plenty of other things I want to fill my time with.  Time to do them.



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