Do you ever find yourself in a bad mood for no apparent reason? Just pissed off in general.  I’m in one of those ‘spaces’ this evening.  Had a pretty good day at work, had a decent drive home, dinner was ready in my new delayed time rice cooker, it is cooler out that it has … More Meh!


What a great hashtag.  In case you don’t know, that’s what a stranger yelled at a man who was wielding a knife and attacked some people on a subway in London in the name of Allah.  A stranger is heard yelling “You’re no Muslim bro!”. That four (well, five) little words say it all for … More #youaintnomuslimbro

Flowing of Time

Wow. It’s been quite tome time since I’ve written.  Don’t even know where to begin. For now, I’ll just bullet-point the last few months: Feelings at work began to deteriorate quickly.  I wasn’t doing enough, being allowed to do enough, and emotions began running high. I went to Ohio in August to see my granddaughter. … More Flowing of Time