Facebook Begone!

Gah! I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I last checked in.  I don’t have any excuse either.  Other than I have found myself sucked into a vortex of social media lately.

I think I’m practicing form of escapism.  I’m not sure why either.  Things are good. Life is good.  I’m happy.  I’m healthy.  I’m blessed way more than I should be.  Most of my days are filled with nothing but positive moments, and yet, I find myself to be on edge most of the time.  Waiting for the other shoe to drop I suppose.  Not able to relax into the happiness and build on it.  Instead, I haven’t been thinking about my life too much, just letting things coast, and instead, I’ve turned to social media.  I spend hours of Facebook or Instagram.  Those two.  I don’t necessarily talk a lot, or post a lot, but I do spend hours grazing through what others are doing and saying.  I’m like an addict.  I check in when I first wake up, through the day, and it’s the last thing I do before closing my eyes to sleep.

Even as I type this, my fingers are itching to click on to Facebook to check and see if anyone’s commented on a picture I posted, or shared some new funny story, or if any news has popped up that I should be aware of.

It’s infuriating.  The good news is that I’m conscious of this obsession, and I’ve decided that it needs to stop.  I want to replace that, with this.  I want to write.  I don’t know yet what I want to write about, but I do know that I find the simple act of having my fingers touch the keyboard and type out words is soothing to me.

Before I do anything else, I need to share this song.  I love it.  Not sure why, but I do.



So we were up
Thowin’ dice in the dark
I saw you late, last night, come to harm
I saw you dance in the devil’s arms

The night kept coming
Really nothing I could do
Eyes with a fire, unquenched, by peace
Curse the beauty, curse the queen

So we come
To a place of no return
Yours is the face, that makes my body burn
And here is the name that our sons will learn:
Curse the beauty, curse the queen
Curse the beauty, leave me

So when you’re weak
When you are on your knees
I’ll do my best, with the time, that’s left
Sworn with your spirit, you’re fully fleshed

So fuck your dreams
And don’t you pick at our seams
I’ll turn into a monster for you, If you pay me enough
None of this counts, a few dreams, plowed up

So we come
To a place of no return
Yours is the face, which makes my body burn
And here is the name, that our sons will learn:
Curse the beauty, curse the queen
Curse the beauty, leave me

I went and saw Mumford and Sons a few weeks ago at Merriweather.  It was a really great show.  I wasn’t sure what to expect because I wasn’t  as big of a fan of this album as I was of their prior ones, but, these boys didn’t disappoint live.  They were fantastic.
So, back to the writing.  I would like to challenge myself to spend some time writing every night.  It may just be a few lines, or a few paragraphs, or perhaps more, but whatever it is, I’d like to get something down.  Let my mind simply take me where it wishes to go, and share what it wants to share.  Purge my day. Absorb my thoughts. Share my joys.
I imagine that life will be just as good, or even better, for withdrawing from social media a bit.  I can’t say that I’ll give it up.  I do treasure my connections to friends and family and frankly, I do not have the time to keep up with those I love by email or phone or other methods of communication, but I do recognize the need to cut back.
China in the Western Sun
China in the Western Sun

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