I’m taking an online course through Udemy called “The Power of Vulnerability” which is led by the beautiful Dr. Brene Brown.  The course calls for reflection and study after each lecture on a variety of topics that will help explore and hopefully aid in reaching a level of comfort with the vulnerability that I feel in … More Scarcity


I will start by saying that the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the murder of cartoonists, their editor and others is atrocious, and despicable and in no way, shape or form do my feelings about Charlie Hebdo condone what happened this week.  The men who gunned down unarmed, innocent people were low down, dirty criminals. … More #IamNOTCharlieHebdo


I think this is a topic that’s simply not talked about enough in our daily lives. Compassion. What does “Compassion” mean? If you Google the word, the first thing you get is the definition; noun:sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. I think that compassion means a lot more than that. … More Compassion