King of Swords

Just a few hours until this crappy year ends, and a new chapter begins. Cliche, I know. But there it is. In less than two days I’ll be giving notice at a job I’ve been at for over 9 years. It’s incredibly scary and at the same time thrilling. I feel petrified and free at … More King of Swords

Monday Musings

Christmas is officially over, and we’re on the cusp of sliding into the new year.  I imagine I am not alone in that excitement that precedes a new year.  It’s that same feeling I get when I open up a blank notebook; a clean slate, a new beginning, a chance to have a do-over.  New … More Monday Musings

Soul Pancake

This is a quickie. The first challenge in Soul Pancake (if you’re reading this, and you don’t know what that is, Google it) was to take some chalk and go write a positive message on a sidewalk somewhere. I didn’t do that. Instead, I gave money to two street musicians who were performing outside my … More Soul Pancake

365 Days Later

Christmas Day is over.  It’s 6:00pm, I’m sitting on the couch, watching and listening to a Macklemore concert. I have a pitbull trying to crawl into my lap, and a big brown dog fighting for space on the couch. My husband’s in the other room playing a computer game (do they still call them that … More 365 Days Later

Solstice Thoughts

I went to The First Unitarian Church of Baltimore last night for their Winter Solstice service.  It was beautiful. Not what I had expected, but beautiful nonetheless.  My past experience with Solstice celebrations has been limited to gathering with a small group of people (women mostly) in a circle and going through Earth centered rituals to … More Solstice Thoughts