Shame, cont.

It started when I was 15.  Well, it probably started well before then, but the event that set me off down the path of shame happened when I was 15.   I’d gone to a party with some friends.  It was the night before I was set to be shipped off to go live with … More Shame, cont.


I hadn’t been going to church much lately.  I stopped going regularly last fall, and lately, I’d really been missing the spirituality.  Felt like an actual hole in my gut that kept wanting to be filled.  For weeks I’d been anticipating each weekly church newsletter to see what the sermon/service was going to be about, … More Shame

Dear Mom, cont..

It’s so weird how things happen.  I wrote the beginning of my letter the day before yesterday, and just yesterday, the following was the post of the day in the Buddhist Boot Camp page:   When I was growing up I used to cry in my room and try to think of ways to either kill … More Dear Mom, cont..

Dear Mother

Dear Mom, I’ve started writing this letter in my head so many times over the past few years.  Just thinking about what the greeting should be stresses me out.  “Dear Mother”? “Dear Danielle”? “Dear Mummy”?…I settled on “Dear Mom” because it seemed to me that it would be the least offensive to you, and the … More Dear Mother