Losing A Friendship

Anyone who knows me,  knows that my relationship with my sons has been a turbulent one.  That’s actually quite the understatement.  We’ve had more loops, whirls, ups, downs and sideways than the biggest roller coaster in existence. I will never claim to have been a perfect mother.  I will even go as far to say … More Losing A Friendship

The Good Life

Living the good life.  Just a few little words that conjure up such feelings of well-being and happiness.  At least for me.  At this very moment, ‘living the good life’ means sitting outside, in my yard, with a soft breeze blowing, the sun warming my legs and body, birds chirping all around, the dull roar … More The Good Life


I may just be able to maintain upkeep on this easier now. I am typing from my brand new Asus laptop. It’s pretty kick-ass. The keyboard is so smooth and easy to use and the screen is a touchscreen! The goal is to use this for any independent contracting that I do.  I’ll have to … More Upkeep