Broken Bowls

Love can be contained in a bowl. A bowl of love should hold all the pieces that make it a beautiful and strong state of being. A filled bowl is a vessel for; trust, passion, friendship, lust, respect, admiration, desire, comfort, warmth, laughter.

When a bowl of love starts to lose these ingredients, whether it happens rapidly through a crack, or whether it evaporates slowly because it’s not being refilled often enough, the integrity of the bowl is compromised and it can easily shatter, and be no more.

To keep the bowl full and healthy both contributors must give of themselves in equal measure. The bowl won’t be strong if only one partner adds to it, or if the parts aren’t added with the same energy.

My brother and his wife broke their bowl. They shattered it into a million pieces.

It makes me sad.

Four little victims of this break will have their lives changed forever.

Seeing their bowl break makes me even more grateful for my strong, and overflowing bowl.



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