Pay it Forward

I just posted this on Facebook. 

It’s pouring down rain, dark and dreary. All the makings for a matching mood. This was shattered as I drove up to pay for my breakfast at McDonald’s this morning and was told by a giddy teenager that my meal had been paid for by the car in front of me. 
I don’t know what tickled me more, the glee the teen had telling me, or the kindness expressed by the person in front of me.
I kept the chain going, which caused the young man behind the register to explode with enthusiasm, and as I drove away from the pick-up window, I could see the car behind me pointing to the car behind him……
Yeah, not such a bad day so far. 🙂 
Happy Rainy Dreary Tuesday friends.


Such a small little thing.  The kindness of one stranger can set off a reaction that affects numerous people, and those people in turn affect others.  What’s that saying about a butterfly fluttering her wings causing a hurricane across the world? 

Some weird part of me often hesitates to do nice things out of the blue for strangers.  The concept of ‘paying it forward’ is there.  I think about it, I ponder it, I experience wonder at the mere simplicity of the action…but I don’t often do it.   I wonder how many others are like me. Think it, and don’t do it.  Then, I wonder what sort of change we could effect on a larger scale if everyone like me, who thought it, but didn’t act on it, DID act on it.  How much kindness would be flung into the Universe if we all paid it forward each time we actually thought about it? I imagine the effect would be tremendous, megalithic, colossal…..

Yeah, despite the rain, the darkness, the damp… will be a good day. 

If you’re reading this, and you have thought about the concept of “paying it forward” but have never done it….why not start today? 



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