Sheep and Dogs

Today will be another abbreviated post. Keeping my commitment to daily writing. I’m tired though, a little buzzed and in a bit of pain so it won’t be long.  Went to Millersville today to meet a pal and her friend as they spent about an hour with their dogs training for an agility test next … More Sheep and Dogs


Ok. What do I write about today? It’s 6:45 on a Friday night and I’m sitting at my laptop wondering what the heck I should type out.  My husband’s in the next room playing a video game, one of the dogs is under my feet, and the other is plopped down next to me. The … More Friday

92 Days Later

I’ve realized that I tend not to write when things are going well. My muse seems to be tied up in anger, sadness and sometimes despair. Well, here’s to breaking that cycle.  Life right now is just about perfect. I say “just about” because there are little dark spots that stop it from being all … More 92 Days Later